The project brings together 35 cardiovascular cohorts from EU, Canada* and beyond, including sociodemographic data, biosamples, omics data (DNA/RNA/proteins), cardiac imaging, lifestyle, environmental data, physical measurements and clinical outcomes. The platform includes user-friendly tools to integrate new cohorts over time, while enabling cohort providers to retain control over data access.

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* For the Canadian cohorts, only a subset of the samples are available as part of the Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds (CAHMM).

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Socio-demographics: age, gender, ethnicity, location
Bio-samples: biological source materials such as blood, urine, DNA
Omics: genetic information from an individual’s genome (DNA), transcriptome (RNA), proteome (proteins) and metabolome (small chemicals such as amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins, etc.)
Cardiac imaging: image data from techniques such as computed tomography (CT), cardiac ultrasound (echocardiography), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear imaging (PET and SPECT) and angiography
Lifestyle data: physical activity, sports, food, smoking and drinking habits
Environmental data: weather, air quality, pollutants, etc.
Physical measurements: height, weight, etc.
Clinical outcomes: mortality, hospitalization, infarction, re-infarction, stroke, other measurable changes in health, function or quality of life

The euCanSHare platform is structured to provide a unique user experience for data-driven cardiovascular researchers: they will be able to search, access, manage and analyse multi-cohort data in a unique web-portal.

  • The Centralised euCanSHare Web-Portal, based on a cloud infrastructure, constitutes the platform point of entry
  • 01.The Cohort Browser and Catalogue support data discovery, providing detailed information on data assets and characteristics such as key variables, access policies and harmonisation status across cohorts
  • 02.The Access Manager is a user interface for researchers to request access to cohort data and acquire user credentials, as well as for cohort owners to grant and manage access, based on a blockchain consent model
  • 03.The Data Manager connects and orchestrates data storage facilities, to upload new cohorts into the platform and securely connect data to users and processing environments
  • 04.The Data Analyser sub portal allows efficient analysis of cardiovascular data by integrating data harmonisation, quality control, imaging and radiomics data analysis, bioinformatics and machine learning approaches
  • The Secure Communication Interface ensures interoperability and communication between all components
  • The extensive Documentation Services guide users step-by-step through the platform functionalities to share, access and analyse multi-cohort data