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16 Jan 2019

AI in Cardiac Imaging

The “AI in Cardiac Imaging”one day-conference, organised by the SmartHeart project at the Prince Philip House of Imperial College of London, was aimed at discussing latest advancements and clinical challenges in cardiac imaging and AI, and the potential for applications in cardiovascular personalised medicine. The event brought together leaders and researchers in machine learning, computational imaging, cardiac imaging and cardiovascular research, with keynote lectures, posters and demonstrations, as well as use cases from the clinical setting.

The euCanSHare Project Coordinator Karim Lekadir was invited to give a talk on the image analysis/radiomics component of the euCanSHare project. He also presented the overall design and rationale of the project to an audience of artificial intelligence and cardiac imaging experts and highlighted the potential of the euCanSHare platform for personalised risk assessment and early diagnostics of cardiac radiomics.