Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Radiomics Reveal Differential Impact on Cardiac Structure and Myocardial Tissue

The study on variation in cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) radiomics phenotypes by age and sex in healthy UK Biobank participants, using an automated pipeline (right ventricle, left ventricle, myocardium), identified three regions of interest segmented from short axis stack images.

As results, amongst the healthy subset, men had larger ventricles with dimmer and less texturally complex myocardium than women. Increasing age was associated with smaller ventricles and greater variation in myocardial intensities. Broadly, all the cardiovascular risk factors (VRFs) were associated with dimmer, less varied signal intensities, greater uniformity of local intensity levels, and greater relative presence of low signal intensity areas within the myocardium.

In general, the pattern of alteration of radiomics features with the VRFs was broadly consistent in men and women.

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