18-20 September 2019

Optimising Multistudy Integrative Research

On 18-20 September 2019, the Wellcome Genome Campus (Hinxton, Cambridge, UK) is hosting the “Optimising Multistudy Integrative Research” conference, which aims at optimising current and future multi-study integrative and comparative research involving longitudinal studies, by bringing together researchers from relevant research consortia and methodologists to share learnings.

The conference strives to increase international collaboration and data sharing, and to improve methodological approaches for cross-national comparative research. It aims to produce publishable summary reports and concept papers to inform the wider community about challenges, lessons learnt and opportunities for future consortia.

On this occasion, Prof. Kari Kuulasmaa (Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare) will take a presentation on the experience of the MORGAM/BiomarCaRE project, along with its role in the future euCanSHare platform.